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I am planning to attend a workshop soon for Platinum and Palladium printing. I believe that negatives for this are usually developed to a higher than normal contrast.
Would a film developer such as D-19 instead of my usual D-76 work better with out any speed loss?
My film stock for this is FP4 Plus in 8x10 sheets.


You might want to contact the instructor of the workshop and find out what kind of mix of pt/pd will be used. The bottom line on this is that there is not specific ES for pt/pd. It is fairly short, i.e. 1.40 or even less, with a high percentage of platinum, and very long, i.e. 1.80 or more, with a high percentage of palladium. Control of contrast can be obtained with various methods but it is always best IMO to expose and develop for the native range, if I may call it that, of a process.

In general there is no reason you should switch from D76 if you know and understand this developer. Dick Arentz used this developer al lot for pt/pd printing.

Many people use pyro staining developers for printing with pt/pd. I have found this class of developer to be especially good for very low contrast scenes where a very high N+ type of development is needed.

Sandy King