After much too long a hiatus.......I'm back! Here's a link to 598.5 Square inches of gorgeous negative done in beautiful downtown Tonopah, NV.

The neg was made on 9.5 inch Aerial Recon Tri-X film with the #10 Cirkut camera. I had a stainless steel tray made that just fits in my 8 foot sink for developing the big film. No more streaks from un-even developing but of course a few other artifacts to prove we didn't do it with the D200!

On the big white building at the far right is a historic plaque behind the gentleman's head. In the original negative the lettering is quite readable. I am startled at how sharp the negative is. I used the Gundlach Turner Reich 10 1/2" #4. Not original to this camera, but the same as what it was originally sold with so it works well with the kit gearing. FUN!