I have had a Mamiya C220 with 80mm and 65mm lens for about a year now. Absolutely love it!! Last week I was at a local camera shop looking at a 135mm lens. They were asking about CAD$200 for it. It was clean and worked very well. I passed it up; maybe after x-mas...

A few nights ago I was just browsing (honest!!) eb** and saw a C330 with 135mm lens kit currently bidding at USD$150 with only 2 hours left to go.

Who, in their right mind-I usually am- could pass this up. To top it all off the seller was Henrys in Toronto and they were offering 180 guarantee with it.

Well needless to say I bid and won. Woohoo!! USD$195. So after exchange and shipping it came to around CAD$260 for a C330 and the 135mm lens. I was floored and almost couldn't believe that I got it. The camera arrived yesterday and is in superb condition.

So now to the next part of my posting. I currently only have a Lowepro Nova 3 and can stuff my C220 with 80mm, the 65mm my Lunasix3, and paramender into it - absolutely bursting at the seams. What bag would now also fit my C330 with 135mm? I would think that I would want a bit of expansion room for a 180 super that I will eventually find.