The color differences between brands of enlarging lenses, and between different lenses of the same brand, would not surprise me much - but then after the years I've spent, it takes quite a bit to surprise me. I still don't understand a great deal - I'm just not surprised that there are things I don't understand.

It's interesting that you cycle the enlarging lamp a few times to "warm it up". I analyze the color characteristics of the lamp in my enlarger before every session, and randomly, during the session, and I've never found that the ambient temperature that exists in the optical system affects anything worth mentioning. What lamps - halogen, incandescent - or? are you using?

Between the three lenses I use - two Rodenstocks and one Schneider - I only see 3-4 cc difference. More would not surprise me, though (see above).
Variations in color balance of the negatives and paper, and chemistry - are more pronounced .. and analyzing for those would mask other variables.

I **LOVE** my ColorStar 3000 Analyzer. Without it I'd be lost.