Has anyone tried wet mounting negatives in a glass carrier for enlarging? As far as I understand, in the *gasp* digital world wet mounting negatives is standard practice for the highest quality scanning. Among many benefits it virtually eliminates dust problems, eliminates newton rings, confirms flat registration of the negative, and leads to a sharper, truer contrast read of the negative probably by somehow reducing spurious and imperfect light reflection/refraction (I think this has something to do with the perfect surfaces created by the mounting fluid and the glass).

Also, I haven't confirmed yet, but I believe it may slightly change the working density of the negative by swelling the emulsion and thus spreading the grain. This is the same effect that we see in a glistening wet print (which later dries down to something different than what we expected ;-) ). I'm not sure if this is a proportional, linear, or subproportional density change, but it might prove to be a useful tool for the printer's toolbox.

Anyone tried this? Any thoughts/experiences?