I set out to try your formula. I found I had little more than 300 grams of Potassium sulphite left. It's s a good thing, because that amount would not dissolve in a liter of hot water. I added 27 grams KOH next, and then 41 grams of p-aminophenol base. I can't tell if the sediment is all sulphite, but the color is light orange to my 82 year old eyes. A snip test of 1+50 dilution seemed about normal. It looks about like a batch I made a while ago that has still not turned the deep brown, but nevertheless works very well.

Have you tried dissolving 384 grams of anhydrous Potassium Sulphite in a liter of water? I have heard that number before, but it doesn't appear in my CRC Handbook. My sulphite came from Photographers' Formulary.

I'll look at it again tomorrow and do a test roll.