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Your conclusions about when to use wash aids are right on, but I have a problem with the term "wash aid" being characterized as synonymous with "hypo eliminator". They are not at all the same.

I know it sounds rather nitpicky, but I hope the terminology of wash aids and hypo eliminators becomes better understood and used since all these terms can be so confusing to beginners under even the best circumstances.
If you look back at my message you will find that Washaid was capitalized as a single word, that is usually an indication that it's being used as a product name, not a generic term. In this case you really need to take that up with Ilford. Considering that I first heard of that product 3 decades ago, it's been around a long time, they do refer to it as a hypo eliminator on their web site.

I also don't know if hypo eliminators really make a huge difference with rapid fixers that do not contain any hypo, when using the short fixing times with modern films and RC papers.