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I am a new member here. I am getting back into large format after an absence of 4-5 years. (I was getting fat carrying around a digital SLR . I have a couple of questions.. mostly about current films.

I have a Cambo 4x5 w/ 2 lenses... Caltar II-E 210mm, Caltar II-N 90mm. I have a Pentax spot meter that someone had modified by "Zone VI Studios". I did mostly landscapes, generally with color positive film. After commercial processing I scanned into photoshop for dust spotting and color corrections with a Canon D123OU 1200dpi scanner.

A lot of the work I was doing was just before sunrise or just after sunset. I am very particular about color reproduction... I never liked the color response of my digital Canon EOS 10D in low light.. maybe that is just me.

Five years ago I used
Kodak 160NC
E100SW Ektachrome

Fujifilm 160NPS
Astia 100 Daylight
Provia 100F

Are these films still available? What other films are out there? What would you all recommend for low light outdoor photography?

I am now a long drive from my film supplier and lab in Portland, Oregon.. I have seen film on Calumet's web site. I am concerned about maintaining temperature while shipping.. I also will need a lab.

Also I am thinking about doing some B&W.. Again what films are out there? What would be considered a minimum filter set for outdoor work,,,

Welcome (again) on the great world of film! And on APUG, too.

Of the films you list. Only Ektachrome has changed. They did some emulsion changes a pair of years ago, I heard. 100G is the "all round" ektachrome.
There's the new Provia 400X introduced a year or two ago, I've only heard positive reviews, the worst is that it's expensive (at least for my student budget). Everyone says it's a great slide film for it's speed.
On B&W there's the Ilfords, Fuji and Kodak, that has improved Tmax, there's the a new Tmax 400 introduced in 2007 (or improved in 2008). PX and TriX have been a little modified, that was in 2005.
For low light, the B&W high speed films (delta 3200, TMZ, Neopan 1600) and the pushed B&W (TriX and HP5+). On color Neg there are NPZ800 (they wanted to discontinue it, but it's still alive), Portra 800 and superia 1600. On slide, Provia 400X.
I've been on film just a year (a bit less) so I don't really know what products were here before that time. Announcements, and people talk is all I know about films before 2008.