24 Aug 2009

To All:

Now that visiting cousins are gone, the parties are over, and the film is processed (but unfortunately not printed) I now have a chance to comment on the cards that I found in my mailbox when I got home from vacation. My comments are as follows in no particular order.

DrZish: The little light draws one into the is print. All the dark tones give a sense of mystery.
Sly: I like the perspective. These are the cars that made an industry great.
OMU: Very will done. I like how you "broke the rules" by placing the horizon in the middle of the print. It lends balance tot eh photo.
Anke Drewitz: I really like the tones you captured. The cream paper base adds that "old photo" feeling to the print. It is unfortunate that the post office added a "distressed" look to your card.
Bpaties: This beach looks very inviting. Someday I might make it to Australia.
Tocalosh: Good stop action photo. This looks like a sport that "takes guts"
Gennari: I like the composition that includes both flags.
KWhitmore: Nice photo. The door invites you into this photo. Looks like there are lots of possibilities to photograph here.
Crispinuk: Wow, color! The reflections are nice, but the small boat that is set apart really completes the photo.
MarkRewald: Nice tones and textures. What stories this "little Ange" could tell.
Mckenna: Patience pays off sometimes. Well done.
Charlotte: Nice to see some joy portrayed "on the wall". This photo has a very joyful feeling to it. Thanks.
Labcoat: Very nice tones and detail. Alas, this seems to be the fate of most local banks.
Mick Fagan: I really like this portrait. Very sharp where it needs to be, but with shallow DOF to give the photo dimensionality. Nicely done.
Eric Mac: Nice message, and lots of stories in this photo.
Roger Bulcock: Very nice. I like how you captures the bird "looking over" the boats.
Rob Skeoch: This photo captures the joy this mans has for his produce. Even though it is hard work, he seems satisfied. Very well done.
Wayne Frederick: Nice print. It must have been fun to photograph this steam boiler. Whether it be oil or gold these old towns are fantastic places to photograph.
Kraker: Wow, another color photo. I really like the colors you selected to photograph. This photo makes me ask what is going on in the rest of the room. Well photographed.
Rst: I like to perspective of this "gate guard". Looking up at him look bigger than he probably is. Too bad the original Schloss Bruchsal was destroyed.
Black Dog: Nice photo. I like the detail you capture in the wall and grasses. very well done. Simple, but elegant.

Thank you to all for such wonderful images, and the joy of seeing other peoples work and vision.