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All my 4x5 work was done with ASA100 or 160... generally exposures of about 1 second. Windy days were murder, anything that moved in the wind blured.. having a faster film would be great, ... I guess I was under the impression that "Film is Dead"....and that it would be hard to get 4x5. I am glad I am was mistaken.
For what I see, 4x5 is not hard to get. Specially B&W.
If you need faster film, I believe portra 400 is made in sheet film. The fastest slide film availiable in 4x5 is Ektachrome E200.
Maco/Rollei were thinking about implementing a new color negative film (old agfa 800ISO) in sheetfilm too.
I'm even impressed that I know that much of the market :o Heck, I haven't tried about 95% of all films available. I Need to shoot more