My plan was to dissolve my 320 g potassium sulfite in 750 ml water. When it dissolved. I was to add the KOH. I saved th p-aminophenol til last to minimize its oxidation. When the sulfite did not all dissolve after considerable time and stirring, I muttered what my father used to call "Pious ejaculations" and added the KOH anyway. Still had sludge.

It is pretty hard to put 40 g p-aminophenol in a liter or so of water along with some sulfite and enough hydroxide to clear up the solution without producing a potent developer concentrate. Whether we would call it Rodinal, or just learn to use it is another matter. Still, I've got to learn why my sulfite was so much different from the standard. It will take a while for me to get more. Wild and Wonderful though it is, West Virginia's places to buy such things are not within a hundred US miles of my home.