Sorry to open up this thread again, but I am seeking some insight.

I have been trying to mount a Super Angulon 90mm f/5.6 on gen. 1 Gaoersi 617. I can't get enough distance to get infinity and a reasonable close focus distance at the same time. I even taken to putting a small spacer (3mm) between the flange and helecoid to give me a little more distance.

Unfortunately, the rear element of the SA bumps into the inside of the helicoid as it is extended, further reducing the close focus distance. Even with the spacer, the close focus distance is about 2.5m.

To top it off, the helicoid focusing mount only has about a half-turn of thread connecting it to the adaptor. While Gaoersi claims compatability with the f/5.6 SA, do I need a consider getting a smaller lens with a shorter flange to film distance?

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Cheers, Blair