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***I had the same effect with a batch of Reala - in fact some of the "slightly outdated, but cold storage and 100% perfect" junk frequently distributed over the internet.***

Oh no! Just bought 20 rolls dated oct 2006 for 15 on ebay.
I think you shouldn't worry to much and simply give it a try. It all depends on what size you intend to print the film. For any normal purpose (up to 10x15 inch prints), I doubt you will see excessive grain.

It is just with very large enlargements, or high scanning ppi's like the ones mentioned in this thread, that problems appear.

Thanks all for the further input!

It just reconfirms all of the things I concluded before, with Reala clearly being one of the grainier ISO 100 films around, especially in comparison with some of the more modern films like Portra and Ektar.

Nothing new here, we all know that films rated at the same ISO, can still have significantly different grain sizes and grain appearance.