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Dperez, I'm thinking I'd like to go there but debating on Pers outing in Oct. All ready signed up for Tanopah in Nov. don't know what the better half would say. Right know biding on a ansco 5x7 camera on ebay, hopefully my small bid will land it in my hands. The Alabama Hills would be a great place to try it out,was there 20 years ago its a great place.

Mike C
No worries Mike, I will try to set something up againat some other time. I've got some other locations in mind as well. For one, I am interested in the Point Reyes area, so maybe something can be worked out later.

I also discovered a very intriguing area near the Los Padres National Forest within 30-40 miles of the I-5. I will post some more info about the area and a picture later, I can't recall the name of the place, but there are a lot of rolling hills all side-lit in the late afternoon, and I just found this area to be a real gem.

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