I'm building my darkroom and already looking to the future for projects. I would like to build a single shot 16x20 glass plate camera that I can use for landscapes, without a ground glass. Think of this as a 16x20 holder with a lens. I assume if not too large I could construct 2 or 3 and load them and find a way to remove the lens and attach to the other holders, in the field. How big a box would I need, assuming a normal lens, with/without shutter?

The assumption is I could get a quality glass plate for contact printing. Even better would be use for portraits, this would mean less than infinity focus and enough light to allow relative short exposures and DOF to cover the tolerance of no GG. The distance from plate to subject would be fixed.

The alternate is to have a GG and holders, but without bellows. Any thoughts, and if so who before me has tried this and how can I learn from their mistakes. Any website/archive would be a huge benefit and with much appreciation. Bellows make me Dependant on others and drive up the costs.

Sounds really stupid after typing this, but nothing ventured nothing gained.