There are a couple of choices. Have made or make an internegatve using either the Fuji or Kodak internegative film. This is most likely the way to get a C print. You will most likely need to get this made at a pro lab. From that point it is like any color negative. Since you have greens and reds I think that you would like the results using Fuji Crystal Archive. There is no reason that you could not use and be happy with Kodak, Agfa or Konica paper.

The second choice offers the very finest results available and is very demanding. Make color separation negatives on black & white film including masks for contrast and color correction...Color correction in this context means to use masking to eliminate dye impurities that are present in the transparency and paper being printed upon. It requires a pin registered system both at the easel and negative carrier. The resulting prints could be any of the following Dye transfer, Three ciolor carbon, Three color carbro,
or a C print. I would not think that this is the way to go to start printing color. It is hard to find the pin registered equipment. The skills are not easily learned. The equipment expense is not minimal.