Here's two quotes that have influenced my thinking on 'landscape':

“…we, personally, cumulatively, communally, create and recreate landscapes – a landscape being not just the terrain but also the human perspectives on it, the land plus its overburden of meanings.”

Tim Robinson, ‘Listening to the landscape’ in ‘Setting foot on the shores of Connemara & other writings’, 1996, Lilliput.

“…when we look at a landscape, we do not see what is there, but largely what we think is there. We attribute qualities to a landscape which it does not intrinsically possess – savageness, for example, or bleakness – and we value it accordingly. We read landscapes, in other words, we interpret their forms in the light of our own experience and memory, and that of our shared cultural memory. Although people have traditionally gone into wild places in some way to escape culture or convention, they have in fact perceived that wilderness, as just about everything is perceived, through a filter of associations….”

Robert Macfarlane, ‘Mountains of the mind – a History of a Fascination’, pp18-19, 2003 Granta