Hi James

I have talked to a few people in Dublin Camera Club and in Gunns. A few people used to do it but nobody does it any more in Ireland and nobody willing to show how to do it.
At the moment, I have all the equipment and will altering the bathroom so that it can function as a temporary darkroom.
I have found a supplier in the UK who is willing to ship the chemicals to Ireland and Gunns said they should be able to get in the Ilfochromes.
Hopefully after Christmas I should have a darkroom setup and will be able to print ilfochromes.
However, Ilfochromes are very fragile so I won't be able to mount them as they will require either cold-press lamination for prints that will travel alot or backing to very smooth surfaces like dibond or acrylic glass for archival preservation so they would have to be mounted by a specialist like Steve Crozier (www.360-dpi.com)