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Could you verify that? The only military tropical developers I have contain Sodium Sulfate to supress swell.


The instructions do say that if the temperature is above 80 F , add 6 oz. desiccated sodium sulfate to the gallon. It can be used at 65 F with average development 7 to 9 minutes, up to 3 to 4 minutes at 80 F. without the sulfate. I guess you're on your own anywhere else, unless you have an old sergeant looking after you. Sergeants run the Army. They know where and how to get things that are not on any official list. I worked with a retired sergeant at NASA. He would show up with things we needed but couldn't get on the limited budget we had then, but wouldn't say where they came from. Those were the days of creativity. The only instructions we got from books were the laws of physics and the math to use them. Sorry for wandering. It usually only happens to old folks.