While waiting for the good sulfite, I have been playing with substituting ascorbic acid for the sulfite. Depending on the pH, its antioxidant qualities outweigh its ability to develop film. I figured equal mole fractions were in order, so I tried 35 g ascorbic acid, 21.8 g p-aminophenol and 22.4 g KOH. I dissolved the ascorbic acid first in about 400 ml water. I added the p-aminophenol, which of course did not dissolve. The KOH is hard to weigh accurately because of the little puddles of "concentrated humidity" that one can see forming while it is being weighed, so I was ot surprised that the calculated amount of KOH was not enough. Anyway, I wound up with a liter of clear yellow stuff that still had pH<14 and is very potent. Arist 400 EDU Ultra developed normally in a 1+50 dilurion in 9 minutes @ 68 F. I got this photo to prove it.