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Charon was the proposed use of H2 and F2 as fuels for a new rocket with high specific impulse. The reaction is the highest energy chemical reaction possible, but would have contaminated the east coast from Georgia to Cuba.

Fortunately, an astute engineer pointed this out to NASA. One of their oversights I guess.

In the days before NASA, NACA managers came up from the engineering ranks. That was the only way you could advance above GS-14. So, the better you were as an engineer, the more likely you were to become a manager, where you could no longer do what you loved doing. If anyone had asked me, I would have asked what they planned to do with the hot hydrofluoric acid exhaust besides kill people.

We tend to forget that NASA means National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Human factors apply to both, but my theories and experiments applied mostly to pilots of aircraft.