One thing we can be sure of is that the Andresen formula used in the FDC isn't true Rodinal, of any vintage, there's no way Agfa would have published the formula.

Add to that the fact that Agfa themselves say Rodinal (1910) "contains only traces of carbonic alkalies," which can only have come from the preparation of the free base.

At present I'm working on building a database archive, with refeences to original sources, I've had some help from other APUG members, Tom Hoskinson was going to help cross check etc before he had his stroke, as was Gerald Koch, (who's also disapperaed). The aim is to place it on a site like APUG, but allow others tto share the data. I'd guess I have something like 1200 developers, some fixers and toners. A huge number of developers are very similar, some no longer possible as the dev agent's not made, some are extremely interesting and worth looking at. When I find the right collaborator I'll share & pass over data.

I should add I get constant help & support from other APUG members who send me books, or scans etc of data, and in return I pass information etc back.

But we do need the Formula section here on APUG kicking into a decnt shape