Which brings me bact to a few topics.

1. There is no magic bullet but there are more developers than can be rationally accounted for let alone easily counted and it is not at all feasible to even test them well to prove any claim about them.

2. Many of the developing agents are gone missing and the developers cannot be reproduced.

3. Many were designed with old films and emulsions in mind and cannot be used today. Anyone using an ammonia or iron based developer?

4. There is quite a gap between old developers and new developers which have not been explored fully. We talk our heads off about old style developers and I have yet to see you or anyone fully describe a modern developer, except perhaps for my description about how HC110 is made (synthesized would be a better word).

5. Stop baths and fixers have been gloriously ignored. There are quite a few advanced formulas never even discussed let alone used. Super Fix is an example that has never been fully discussed. I don't suggest use of it, but rather that it embodies quite a bit of advanced chemistry.

Just some thoughts on all of this recent activity. Mainly, who is going to "prove" efficacy of any old formula and who is going to point out which is most correct?