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Patrick, Ian;

In an earlier post, someone commented that the Metol version of Rodinal that Patrick had brought up some time back does not appear to have long shelf life.

This has been bothering me for 2 reasons. Metol is a very close relative to pAP. It should keep better as it is a less powerful reducing agent IIRC or less strong base in any event. Also, its properties with Sulfite are quite different than HQ and more like pAP. So, if it keeps poorly something else is going on here that might give clues to Rodinal.

Any thoughts?

Coincidentally, just a few hours ago I did a Metol version again, but somewhat differently. This time I did not bother to try to separate out the Metol base from the sulfate. I used KOH instead of NaOH. I haven't got my good K sulfite, so used Na. I put 41.5 grams of metol in about 750 ml water. I added 100 grams of Na2SO3 and added KOH until everything dissolved. The sulfate resulting from the neutralizing of thr H2SO4 is still in there. The solution is an amber color which is hardly seen in the measuring syringe. It appears that diluted 1+50 it is about a 10 minute developer for EDU 400 Ultra. Needless to say I have no idea how long it will last as stock, but the color of what I have is much different from what I had then. When I get a negative that I'm willing to show as a picture, I'll post it.