Who is Dr Elie Scheour "of Agfa", (or rather who your readers assume is from Agfa, as he's not) ?

I quote "According to Bill Troop, Agfa's Elie Shneour provided the following mixing instructions for what is generally agreed to be, for all intents and purposes, Rodinal." and another "According to Elie Shneour of Agfa, the original Rodinal". I have to admit that I assumed he was probably from Agfa when I first read the FDC.

Agfa, Bayer & A&O have published far more accurate MSDS's than the one you quote.

Even the original Agfa Rodinal could be used at 1+100 it's in the 1910 Agfa books etc used for papers at that dilution, and the modern version while it contains approx 20% less p-Aminophenol will work well at 1+ 100 because of the higher pH. The increased Sulphite helps with the stability of the modern developer.

Edward Zimmermann is particularly authoritative about Rodinal, and knows his facts, and I tend to agre with all he's written on the subject.