Sorry, Gerald has got it wrong - - and anyone who wants to know who Dr Shneour is has only to look him up on Google. Ian, are you looking for facts in Internet posts? You'll find they're few and far between, because few people will actually spend an hour or two thinking, researching, and drafting before they post. At that point, you have to wonder - - for what? As you'll see from the previous thread cited, on which Dr Shneour permitted me to quote him, it's all been said and done before! Why repeat it every five years? In any case, whatever he may have learned when he analyzed the developer would only have been true for that iteration of it. He remains the only person I know who actually has done the work. You can talk all you like about the difficulty, ambiguity, expense etc. and how much equipment you may once have had and no longer do, but Shneour is the only guy I know who actually did it. HE DID IT !!! I wish you people would actually do things!!! Patrick comes in for a lot of flak, but I so admire that he actually keeps his hand in.

For the record, I suggested to Ed Zim back in 2003 and in an email this morning, that these questions can be answered once for all - - by him - - by the simple expedient of his looking up the right people and talking to them. Six years have elapsed, and no action. I also suggested that what attracts people to these cyclical discussions of Rodinal is precisely that they don't know. That's the allure. In the meantime, were anyone from Agfa reading this - - I'm sure they aren't - - they'd be dying of laughter. I don't think you guys really want to know about Rodinal. It's the not knowing, the 'cloud of unknowing' - - that gets you. I can sympathize - - I can empathize - - up to a point. I feel your pain!