>Then where is Dr Elie Sheours data ?

You'll have to ask him for that, Ian. Nicely. And don't show him this thread, or he won't talk to you. Also fyi, he doesn't like people who can't spell his name.

You know folks, what gets me through a day of having to deal with the Ian Grants of this world is that I remember the civility and respect that I was accorded by people like Henn, Haist, TH James, Crawley, HD Russell, Mason, Dickerson, Zawadzki, etc. What a contrast! Such nice people! And what a lot of work they did! It's the wannabes, or I guess, really, the woulda-coulda-beens, that give you all the trouble in this world.

>Something smells very fishy here

If I've told you once, I've told you a hundred times, Ian, not to eat herring for breakfast!