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Pat - oxygen saturated water at 20C only contains 9.2 mg/L oxygen. First off, that's not much. Second, you can remove it by adding a pinch of sulfite to the water before dissolving they rest of your ingredients.
A pinch? I thought that was against your religion. How many milligrams in a pinch?

If I add anything before the metol, it will be a little ascorbic acid. That is to assure that any oxidized Metol that might be in my supply will be regenerated before I add the sulfite.

I did just that a while ago. Metol, a healthy pinch of ascorbic acid, then enough KOH to form the Potassium Metolate. The usual usual flocculent precipitate never showed so I added sulfite. I still have only sodium.

The resultig solution had little or no color. (my eyes are 82 years old, so I may not see the yellow end as well as some of you young squirts.) I did a test strip on EDU 400 Ultra. Not the best subject in the World, but it makes me want to go sit in that chair.