So my youngest daughter, 11, comes home from friends after visiting a garage sale. She says some cameras for sale etc..and I'm like, ya, ya. So I go anyway. Pick up 12 cameras...all Kodak folders in various stages of disrepair...eye candy only for to give away. Paid $20 for lot of cameras, like new leather holders and a broken Retina Reflex where meter works, is mint but shutter stuck open. Some are vest pocket...some 127 and large. Those little prism finders are a hoot! Visitors love them. The guy selling them, turns out, has over 400 Kodak cameras in glass shelving units and like 1,000 kodak accessories. I live in Brighton, MI area and is pretty amazing to find someone out here with such an interest. Anyway, is only time good furtune has smiled on me like that. Cheers.