Attacks diminish us all!

Back to the OP Ian. In it, you mention the Agfa antifoggant which is unidentified. In my readings of the BIOS reports, I found that all ingredients were completely identified in the appendices unless marked "Hier ist unbekannt" in parenthetical note next to each use of the compound or mixture ID #.

So, I assume that either of these were / are present in your copy of the BIOS reports. If the compound is not identified in either manner, then this is actually a truly glaring first for the reports. And, the "Hier is unbekannt" is a grave copout on the part of the interviewer. If I were interviewing a major plant manager and he said that to me, I would march him to the safe for the key to the chemical names. All Kodak names are cross indexed that way and I could find them. In fact, some BIOS reports did admit to finding the complete names of all of the emulsion chemicals but one. That one was the famous tank car that was filled with an unknown organic on a siding at the Agfa plant and no one would talk about it.

So, can you identify it for us or let us know what the BIOS report said about it in detail?