Ron it's rather a long time since I read most of the data, I'd guess 1977 most of which was in Glafkides, I haven't seen the owner of the books or documents for at least 10 years and then only in passing and briefly. He worked for me as a consultant for a year or so and had a lot of material which had come from his mother, she was French & a member of the Lumiere family. At that point I was really mainly interested in the emulsions.

The only data I have to hand here is in the first post in this thread andwas taken from the British RAF report, this was separate and done after the US team had left the factory, I have been trying to get hold of a copy again, ironically of the two APUG members I know who have copies one has disappeared, like Tom Hoskinson, & the other lent his copy to an Agfa salesman, but is trying to get it back. It should of course be in the major UK reference libraries as it was a Government publication.

I have some Agfa Wolfen material waiting for me on my next trip back to the UK, so I'll see what antifoggants they were using, I also have copies of some of the data on film, shot back in 77, I'll try and find a way of scanning it, so it is possible I have more than I think here in Turkey. I'll look at the emulsions too because there maybe a reference to antifoggant there.