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It would serve the purpose of giving the meter a spectral response at least approximately the same as the film I am shooting.
I don't care about IR film. I have never stated that I intend this meter to work for IR film. I don't shoot IR film or plan to in the future. I shoot TriX and Neopan 400.
I stand corrected. There has been interest here on APUG concerning the construction of a device for measuring the instensity of the spectral mix connected to IR film ... and I was drawn into a conclusion "jump". My apologies.

There is a semantic problem here, or close by: An "IR Filter" could be taken as a "Filter for Use with IR Film", OR a "Filter that removes IR".
B&W (Schneider) seems to recognize the problem, and differentiates between the two by adding "CUT" to the description of ones removing IR.

Now ...

You might be interested in B&W's "Item Stock Code 65-040761 - 30.5 E IR CUT (489) , found at
[ http://www.schneideroptics.com/Ecomm...D=704&IID=5306 ],

or browse through the "IR CUT" filters, 486. 489, etc.

Hope this help!