I stand corrected. There has been interest here on APUG concerning the construction of a device for measuring the instensity of the spectral mix connected to IR film ... and I was drawn into a conclusion "jump". My apologies.
No problem; I should have been clearer. If I was interested in making a light meter for IR film, it looks like I'd be on the right track with this sensor, depending on the film used.

There is a semantic problem here, or close by: An "IR Filter" could be taken as a "Filter for Use with IR Film", OR a "Filter that removes IR".
I know; that makes it really hard to google, because mostly you get "IR pass filters".

I'm 90% sure a digital camera sensor-filter is going to work. I checked it on the electrical box this morning and it agreed with the camera this time, although the sun wasn't totally up yet. Plus, it's free. It's not worth spending very much on a homemade light meter before you would be better off buying one. So far my total parts costs are about $35.