Guess how I found out why you shouldn't squeegee a film? All that's needed is a small amount of care at final rinse stage, and the last rinse to be purified or distilled water. I never throw negs away, even unprintable ones, so I still have a reminder in my 1970s file, with a stonking great tramline, to remind me of my folly as a tyro. I think it's good evidence that just taking care of the water quality in the final rinse is what counts, that I live in a very hard water area, where kettles and coffee makers need regular de-scaling, yet my negs never have stains or drying marks. I do give the film a good final shake (in the reel), and although on the odd occasion where I haven't used a few drops of wetting agent the film has still been fine on drying, I do normally use wetting agent. Almost through supersition.