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Bill - are you saying you are suprised that a 3% solution of potassium hydroxide has a pH of 14? If so, here's the way to calculate it.

A 3% solution is about 0.53M KOH.
Calculate pOH first:
pOH = -log10[OH-]
pOH = -log10[0.53M]
pOH = 0.276
Then calculate pH:
pH = 14 - pOH
pH = 14 - 0.276
pH = 13.72

A 0.53M KOH solution should have a pH of about 13.7. That's close enough to pH 14 for my book.

If that's not what you are saying, then don't worry, it's my mistake...
Shows how much chemistry (& Biochemistry) I've forgotten, I'd just use a pH meter these days