Well, I have had a Zenit-E sitting around for some time, but never actually used it. I needed to shoot some film to test my developer times, and as my Nikon was loaded with KR64, and my Minolta was loaded with TMZ, I decided to run a few frames of Pan F+ through it, just for the hell of it.

After enlarging the negatives, I was quite surprised at the result.

It seems like this Helios 58mm f2 that I had sitting on the Zenit for the longest time gives better results than I had ever dreamed of. For the longest time, I had thought "Oh it's just a cheap ass Russian lens" and never really bothered with it. Does anyone else have any thoughts on these lenses?

The below image is the one that got me thinking. It has a circular DOF, with an ALMOST petzval look, something I was not expecting from 35mm.

I believe this was shot on f5.6.