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Just steeling myself for the fact that my F4s and F90x both need to be looked at (flashing alert light on the F4 after taking a shot; f90x doesn't consistently recognise my Nikon AF lenses - dodgy contacts in both cases I think).

Or is it just cheaper to buy replacements...?
The F90X - they're pretty robust and generally its quite hard to find a bad one on ebay. You probably wouldn't pay more than 50 for one. So its uneconomical to repair (Or maybe its time to upgrade to an F100)

The F4 is almost certainly worth getting a CLA done on it, and no doubt once its had a bit of TLC it'll be good for many more years. Aztech (As mentioned by Myself and Brook above) have a standard rate of 86.25 + 8 quid postage, and probably the same to get it to him by special delivery. So 100 all in.