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Kirk, the John Douglas you mean is John S. Douglas, who was a mainstay of photography newsgroups in the 90s. One of his websites is www.darkroomphotography.com.
That link looks like some generic website the really has no useful content and just wants to sell you something. It's registered in the Cayman Is. too - sounds suspicious.

Maybe you meant www.darkroompro.com

The way to get that out of Google is to get it fixed on Amazon as that's where the quote originates. You could email John S. Douglas about seeing if he can edit his comment to be more accurate. Afterall, he helped with the book and I bet he'd be more than happy to help fix it. (Funny how John didn't mention being associated with the book himself.)

And if that doesn't work, you can always go to the Amazon site and you can click on the link that's on the page of reviews of your book that allows you to "report" the customer review to Amazon. I'm sure they can help you out.

It's your book that's being sold afterall, it would be good to have info associated with you be unambiguous.