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Perceptol has a LOT less grain than Rodinal. Well, so do XTol and all other developers. If you want grain try APX 400 in Rodinal and push it to 1600.

Ilford Perceptol alias Kodak Microdol-X is not too bad in terms of acutance, and it becomes pretty good at 1+3. But with most films you lose some speed. And of course it is not as comfortable to use as Rodinal and does not last for centuries.
That's just it though. I want the best of both worlds... extremely high acutance and fine grain. By far, I care most about acutance and would never give that up for fine grain. I'll just shoot the biggest film I can carry the equipment for.

If there is a very high actance developer (at least as good as Rodinal) but with finer grain then I would certainly give it a try.