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I should remind you that you can only get 2 out of 3 properties at their peak from any film or developer combination. You have speed, sharpness and grain to consider. Pick two of the above and then pick your developer accordingly.

Kodak has published a chart of this for their developers which has been referred to many times here on APUG. IDK if anyone else does.

OK, I will take the bait. I want good sharpness and definition of detail without emphasising graininess for my chosen film stock and I am happy to sacrifice some effective film speed if necessary to obtain that. Which developer(s) do you suggest? Xtol, D-76/ID-11, Ilfotec DD or others? This would be for Ilford`s Plus series films and Kodak`s T-Max films please, I am not bothered about the other B&W films available.