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It's incredibly small (>2m x >1m), but it's my first darkroom, and all I really do in there is printing. My laundry is less than 5 paces away, so film developing and mixing of chemicals is all done in there instead. I've got a couple of tiny light leaks and I need to build a proper door this weekend, but after printing for the first time the other night it's got the potential to do everything I need it to for at least several years.
Hi Chris,

Maybe your darkroom is very small, but it looks very functional. My problem is that after twenty years of darkroom I have collected so much "neat" stuff that I am now forced to choose between he stuff I really need, and the useless gadgets. A cluttered darkroom with lots of features isn't always a joy to work in. Sometimes I spend more time rearranging and cleaning up than printing.