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I provided the URL to Kodak. Would you please supply the Ilford equivalent?

Oh, and I appreciate knowing that Kodak is not the only one to publish that type of chart.


I looked on Ilford`s site, but I can not find it there now. The publications that I have are rather old, so perhaps they are updating them.
There is one for FILM CHEMICALS-LOW VOLUME (no mention of DDX, as it wasn`t introduced at the time this publication was made available) and another for FILM CHEMICALS- HIGH VOLUME for use in Deep-Tanks and Processors with replenishment.
I found the one for low volume chemicals on another website. See page 3 (2.2).

Ilford also provide information for choosing film developers in the technical information publications for their films, i.e. Maximum Sharpness, Finest Grain or Best overall image quality etc.