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The big problem with both the Ilford & Kodak charts is they don't take into account dilution of ID-11/D76 or Perceptol/Microdol-X where the developers begin to behave quite differently at 1+3.

Ilford do cite ID-11 diluted 1+3 as yielding the highest sharpness while Perceptol and Microdol-X also provide good performance at the same dilution.
I have tried all of those developers and I can`t see much, if any difference in grain between D-76/ID-11 1+3 and the extra fine-grain developers 1+3, although it might show with huge magnifications.
I find that D-76/ID-11 tends to compress the tonal range when diluted 1+3 while Perceptol and Microdol-X provides more sparkle at 1+3 with good sharpness. I use 1+1 with D-76, although I have not tried it 1+2 yet.
BTW, have you read the United States Patent Office number 3,161,513 (Patented Dec, 15, 1964)? Photographic developer compositions containing an antistain agent?

Good luck with your quest for a Rodinal substitute.