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I can say that Dimezone-S is far better than Phenidone as an example of better all round developing agents.

But then there's the original Phenidone and then Phenidone Z and various other derivatives.

Many companies have used commercial "Phenidone" - Ilford, May & Baker (Champion), Agfa, Orwo (Calbe), Paterson, Forte, Foton, Foma, Fotospeed and a whole host of smaller companies. Between them they have all produced a wide and varied range of excellent developers using Phenidone in combination with one or more additional developing agent.

Dimezone-S isn't an "all round" developing agent, nor is Phenidone, because unlike Metol, p-Aminophenol, Pyrocatechin, Hydroquinone etc they are not practical as sole developing agents except in very limited uses.

I don't know what form my original Ilford Phenidone was I'd guess Phenidone Z, I only finished it a couple of years ago, the date stamp was 1962, it has exceptionally good keeping properties