I made some photos of the major pieces as I took them out of the box last night but, the digi-snapper and I were apparently, not on the same wavelength. I'll try again with a real camera later this week.

I was originally concerned about the many small screws and other bits that I found in the bag of small parts accompanying the camera. It turns out (I believe) most of these are superfluous...they must have been just a bunch of small parts not necessarily for this camera. I did find among the small parts all of the bits necessary to re-assemble the camera....and so, last night I cleaned most everything with warm soapy water, rubed the wood pieces with lemon oil furniture stuff and put most of it back together.

There is a Goerz Celor in Betax #5 up front. The glass looked bad but cleaned up pretty good. Amazingly, the giant Betax seems functional if a bit ugly and inconsistent. There is also an Ilexpo pneumatic shutter. The bellows are present but hopelessly useless. They are fused together in one big lump of crunchy black stuff.

The wood is sturdy and cleaned up pretty well. I decided against a full strip and refinish for now as that is not really my strength.

The back is a standard 8x10 -> 5x7 reducing back. It rides in a sliding carriage that would also, obviously, accept an stnadard 8x10 back.

No stand was included.

So, I have the thing all cleaned up, oiled and put back together...and it looks pretty good. I would love to use this thing but without a bellows, it's just going to be furniture for a while. The deardorff needs a new Bellows too and will certainly get one first.