I think you will find Lodima to be a most versitile paper. I'm sure you could use almost any developer and get a print. The beauty of this paper (if it is ANYTHING like Azo) will be in the subtle changes in print color available from using different developers/toners etc. I enjoy the ability to use a waterbath and as such have just today purchased a large quantity of Amidol from Artcraft. The tone can be slightly varied by increasing the amount of Kbr added to the developer, extended toning will also give a slight color shift. I have also used Neutol WA and Dektol. I didn't like the color of Dektol. If I only need to make a couple quick prints I'll often mix up a litre of Neutol WA vs a batch of Amidol. I've never tried Ansco 130, but folks whose opinions I trust say it works pretty well.

Personally, I've piggy backed on MAS' work and tend to follow his procedures.

Isn't it great to be able to discuss a NEW product rather than mourning the loss of our old favorites!