"test suite" is too grandiose a term. But I've built up a collection of negatives with different film/developer combinations all printed on my standard Bergger paper. all have been taken of the same scene. It's a great scene for technical evaluation - Large evergreen trees (other than a cave, I don't think anything creates a deeper shadow than evergreen tree branches), houses with several types of shingles and roofing, asphalt, chimneys, white painted lines on the street, blue sky and clouds (potentially), license plates (resolution) on white cars on either side of my frame. And best of all, I shoot it from my living room window. neither rain, nor sleet, etc. bother me at all...

It occurred to me last night when we were talking about testing other developers that once you build your baseline, i.e., a good print of your "standard" scene, it becomes really easy to compare anything. Film/developer/paper - change any one. lens flare, lens performance at f16 vs. f32, image degredation using a filter, exposure compensation for a YG vs. Orange filter, 6x9 Acros vs. 4x5 EFKE vs. 5x7 Tri-x; it all becomes a simple comparison.

Although, after I'm gone, my kids will be looking through piles of prints and wondering, "Why was dad so obsessed with that stupid house across the street?"

take care,