I picked up my box of treats today... 16 cameras in all, mostly of the Brownie line. (one is an 1897 model, and a number easily turn of the 20th Century.) There are a couple of Art Deco Brownies (one is definitely a Target) which I cannot figure out how to open... There are a couple of Duraflex (a III and a IV with flash)

Also in the box was a Jiffy Six-16 folder with very leaky bellows and a Six-16 Dakar 1 in really good shape. (this is my favourite of the bunch)

Also, to represent the non-Kodak camp, there is a Tower Flash 120, an Argus Seventy-Five, and a really neat Sankyo Cine camera with a three-lens turret.

I've given everything an initial cleaning, and most of the shutters seem to work. Now I'm dreaming of how to load some of these with appropriate film and try them out. Wish me luck.