I certainly believe Amidol as the print developer gives the best print color and richest tones in a print. When combined with Lodima paper, in my opinion, the results are as good as a silver print can be. I have seen photographs on other papers and printed with other developers that are also excellent, but a lot more effort is involved in getting there and there are only a few times I have seen this. And rarely with more than a print or two.

When the paper arrives, and possibly before, as Paula and I have a small stock of the "pre-production run," we will be offering a selection of "example prints" at prices greatly reduced from our regular print prices. We will be doing this so those not familiar with the paper can see for themselves what it is capable of. And those who already know how the paper can print, can purchase the photographs just to have them. We will be offering these in limited editions, as we do not want to print many of anything.

In the next week or two we will be making an announcement about delivery dates for the paper.

Michael A. Smith