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I had an email yesterday about the remaining back-ordered box. Apparently the manufacturer has discontinued the product and therefore my order has been cancelled.

I find it hard to believe that Harman have discontinued MGIV FB, but I guess they may want more than 13 for a box of 50 16"x20" to supply Jessops!

Ian, thats very interesting

I had almost the same conversation by phone - according to Jessops, Ilford have discontinued 20x24 MGFB Matt :o

So alas, there will be no 4th box of 20x24

Even so, I still think we have come out of the whole deal way ahead - they sold us some 2 to 3 year old paper for very silly money

Sadly I cannot get the boxes of 20x24 into my deep freeze but the Galerie is safely frozen for another day